About Aruta Soup

Japanese artist Aruta Soup known by PopArt and Muralist. While He was 17 years old moved to the London for studied Illustration at the Camberwell college of Arts and also he start painting and mural influenced by graffiti and atmosphere in eastern London. After graduated University he was exhibit at Shorditch area. and had done mural paintings at various locations, including a clothing shop, hair salon and club. After come back to the Japan in 2012, he was supervised at the Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium venue as the main visual artist "room28" same exhibition sponsored by H.P FRANCE. And also offer illustrations for lot of apparel brand. Published first artwork book "THIRD EYE" from the archive new company. Participating in a large-scale exhibition at Shibuya Seibu, including solo shows in UK, Taiwan , His work has been featured on the i-D Japan, MILK, MILKBOYand magazine articles. 2009 BA Illustration from camberwell college of arts in London.

Solo Exhibition “Fallen”


from 22nd Mar until 13th Apr I’ll hold exhibition. if you are intrested in my work please come along.

◾︎ARUTA SOUP Exhibition “Fallen”
会期 : 2019 年3月22日(金)~4月13日(土)
Opening Party : 3月23日(土) 3pm – 予約制・料理 ¥1500
開廊時間 : fri/sat/sun/mon>>11:00-17:00
会場 : Gallery Trax
Tel : 080-5028-4915

電車 / 中央線特急: 新宿~甲府駅 → 普通電車: 長坂駅下車-タクシー10分
高速バス岡谷行き / 新宿~長坂・高根インター下車-徒歩10分

Place: Gallery Trax
Date: 2019.03.22(Fri) – 04.13(Sat)
Open: fri/sat/sun/mon>> 11:00 – 17:00
Opening Reception: 03.23(Sat) 15:00- food/reservation

Solo Exhibition “HELLBOY”



●Artist Statement


●ARUTA SOUP Solo Exhibition “HELLBOY”
会期: 2018 年4月7日(土)~4 月 15 日(日)
開廊時間: 13時〜20時
オープニングレセプション:4月6日 19時〜21時※どなた様でもお越し頂けます
会場: VIXEN Products
東京都渋谷区神宮前6-29-3KYビル B1F(明治神宮前より徒歩1分)
Tel: 03-6419-7798
企画、協力: MILK inc.

Place: VIXEN Products
Date: 2018.04.06(Fri) – 04.15(Sun)
Open: 13:00 – 20:00
Opening Reception: 04.06(Fri) 19:00-21:00

“Commissioned work for Burberry”

my paintings used for  Burberry 2018AW short film. you can watch full length were article on bottom Video.



Movie&Photos:Tomohiro Mazawa
Stylist:Taichi Sumura
Composition&Text:Junya Hasegawa[america]
Special Thanks:Aruta Soup

さらに詳細は下記リンクで more detail bottom link


“Commissioned Mural for TOKYO88”

If you are looking for Roppongi in the dinner place, let’s go @tokyo88.life . I wrapped Art all the inner walls. There were concept is fusion with hair salon and restaurant. so you can fucked up with alcohol while you enjoy haircut. I think it’s will be wicked place:)


オーナーの一人であるKENKENとの出会いは僕がまだ18歳の時でロンドンで毎晩クラブ遊びばかりしてた時期に出会いました。年月を経て日本でこうやって一緒に仕事をすることができたことが何か感慨深いなと思っています。BIG UP!



“Commissioned Graphic for MILK, MILKBOY”

I’ve commissioned work on Japanese apparel brand MILK and also MILKBOY 2016-2017.

2016年から現在にかけMILKBOYMILKのテキスタイルやグラフィックを手掛けさせてもらっています。SICK BOYとSICKGIRLのキャラクターは人気商品ということもあり今作っているのも含めて3シーズン目になって愛着のあるキャラになりました⭐️