About Aruta Soup

aruta soup

Aruta Soup [Artist,Graphic Designer]
これをきっかけに、かのBANKSYやShepard Faireyらがグラフィティを手がけることで知られる有名クラブハウス「CARGO」の壁画を手がけることとなる。
ゲストアーティストとして参加。2012年に日本帰国後、多数のアパレルブランドへのイラスト提供や、明和電機の新しいファッションブランド「MEEWEE DINKEE」のグラフィックデザインを手がけ、
2013年「明和電機×Aruta Soup展」(Gallery ABYDOS)などを成功させる。

From the age of Seventeen, Aruta Soup moved to UK to study at University of the Arts London.
In 2010, he had his first solo exhibition at the skateboard shop in Shoreditch, London.
The show was highly received in the area and invited to do mural painting at CARGO,
Legendary known for graffiti by BANKSY and Shepard Fairey.
Since then, he joined London’s greatest street art event “Street Fest” two year in a row,
participated as a guest artist at London Film Con.
After came back to Japan in 2012, he moved to Tokyo and started to offer illustrations
for an apparel brand. His current project is working as Graphic Designer of
“MEEWEE DINKEE”, the fashion brand launched by artist unit Maywa Denki.
They made a huge success with [Maywa Denki xAruta Soup exhibition] at H.P.FRANCE Gallery
ABYDOS (CANNABIS) and the live performance at Laforet Harajuku “WALL”.



Solo Exhibition

2009 [hyakki yakou] LCB surf store/London

2012[Neon Bitch Killer] gallery TRAX/Yamanashi

2012[Tsukuyomi] GALLERY ABYDOS(CANNABIS) Tokyo/Japan


Group Exhibition

2008 [This will kill that] Nicholls and Clarke Building/London

2009 [Untitled] CARGO/London

2010[sketchbook magazine popup show] London

2010 [the paper Easters party] Selfridges/London

2010 [CITIES] Harrow Arts center/London

2011 [Magnitude Nine] Blackall Studios/London

2011[顔晴れjapan] The Rag factory/London

2011[The Islington contemporary Art & Design] Candid Arts Trust/London

2012[DUMB presents”Street than paradise”Moscow Lounge/Tokyo

2012[The Art Hotel Nest Tokyo2012 Creators Circus / TABLOID/Tokyo

2012[Dia de Muertos/Pore Pore Za / Tokyo


The Illustrated Ape [Counter-culture culture] issue 21 London

Ribbed magazine web magazine London

.default magazine issue 1 Istanbul/London

Sideroom magazine online culture magazine

Live Painting

2009 [StreetFest] London

2010 [the paper eaters party] Collaboration with The Girls Selfridges/London

2010 [StreerFest] London

2011 [Magnitude nine] blackall studios/London

2011 London film con Earls court/London

2011 London Anime con Rocket Complex/London

2011 Entertainment Media Show Earls Court/London


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